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Since 1981, the North European Symposium for Archaeological Textiles (NESAT) has taken place every three years, and since then it has come to deal with finds from all parts of Europe. Among the participants are, among others, textile archaeologists, historians, art historians, natural scientists, conservators, craftspeople and self-taught persons. Thus it is possible to shed light on topics in textile archaeology from the perspective of various disciplines. This variety of topics and perspectives is also impressively documented by the published contributions to previous NESAT symposia.

A Forum for an Interdisciplinary Exchange of Thoughts and Information

NESAT has always aimed at being a forum for the presentation of finds or topics that are currently being worked on and examined in the course of interdisciplinary research. Communication among textile researchers has become more even more vivid since the launch of CTR (Centre for Textile Research) at the University of Copenhagen and DressID, a European Union project researching how clothing and their wearers' identities relate to each other in the Roman Empire (coordination: Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen Mannheim). While the first NESAT symposia were still driven by a desire to intensify the exchange of thoughts and information between the small number of those interested in European textile archaeology, today's research and assessment of numerous finds and issues takes place across boundaries via frequent workshops and electronic media. Since particularly the aforementioned institutes conduct in-depth international and interdisciplinary research, NESAT offers a tested and tried communication platform for those who work in smaller institutes or are not affiliated with any, i.e. those who by and large research and work on finds or topics in the textile archaeology field on their own.

Locations of Previous NESAT Symposia

NESAT I 1981 Neumünster (D)
NESAT II 1984 Copenhagen (DK)
NESAT III 1987 York (GB)
NESAT IV 1990 Copenhagen (DK)
NESAT V 1993 Neumünster (D)
NESAT VI 1996 Gothenburg-Borås (S)
NESAT VII 1999 Edinburgh (GB)
NESAT VIII 2002 Lodz (PL)
NESAT IX 2005 Ennenda (CH)
NESAT X 2008 Copenhagen (DK)
NESAT XI 2011 Esslingen (D)
NESAT XII 2014 Hallstatt (A)
NESAT XIII 2017 Liberec (CZ)

NESAT Proceedings

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NESAT XI Banck-Burges, J. – Nübold, C. (Eds.) 2013: NESAT XI. The North European Symposium for Archaeological Textiles. Rahden/Westfalen.
NESAT XII Grömer, K. – Pritchard, F. (Eds.) 2015: Aspects of the Design, Production and Use of Textiles and Clothing from the Bronze Age to the Early Modern Era. NESAT XII. The North European Symposium of Archaeological Textiles. Archaeolingua Main Series 33. Budapest.
NESAT XIII Bravermanová, M. – Bøezinová, H. – Malcolm-Davies, J. (Eds.) 2017: Archaeological Textiles – Links Between Past and Present. NESAT XIII. Liberec - Praha.